Alison Bechdel: Unique Use of Vantage Point

31 Jul

Alison Bechdel uses a variety of unusual vantage points in Are You My Mother? Different vantage points include from the ceiling, lower near the ground, and through the window. One reason I think she may have done this is to keep her readers enthralled, and to mimic some sort of physical action taking place. Most comics and graphic novels display frequent scene changes full of action, power, and a physically moving plot. The majority of Bechdel’s story, however, takes place in therapy, where we view two individuals talking. If each frame she created in this atmosphere had been from the same perspective, it would have become monotonous and less visually stimulating.

Another reason for Bechdel’s variation in vantage point could be to infer the emotion the character in the scene is feeling. For example, when the vantage point is from the ceiling, it may convey the character’s feelings of inferiority or inability to perform what she was expected to in life. This downward vantage point could also convey the reader “judging” the character, or it could cause the reader to empathize with the character. The entire memoir portrays her own rollercoaster of her striving to meet her mother’s expectations of her, or gaining the attention she so desperately craved. This rollercoaster Bechdel experienced can also be a reason for the fluid changes in vantage point. Her own life was incredibly unstable, just like the illustration work. She went from highs to lows to being forced to look herself in the mirror.


Patri’s White Collar: Image 19

31 Jul

The cool breeze coaxes the man to walk to his open window and lean out, his hands resting on the sill.  He stares longingly down at the landscape, the trees and the bushes down below, the people walking along the sidewalk.  He longs to escape the office and join them on the beautiful day.  He yearns to go walk in the park with his children and his wife, reconnecting with his family.  The darkness of the office and the contrast of the lightness shown outside the window reflect how trapped the man feels in his work life, and how badly he wishes he could escape it.

Patri’s White Collar: Image 7

31 Jul

 The man is worn down from the strains and stresses of every day life.  His life is a vicious cycle where the work seems endless and the responsibilities seem to build exponentially.  As he pulls his suit jacket over his arms, he feels not only the jacket, but also the weight of the world on his shoulders.  Each day, as he dresses for work, he feels the constant reminder they represent of another long day to come.  His face stares at the ground despondently and forlorn.  He feels helpless.  He also dresses for work turned away from the full-length mirror hanging in his room.  He chooses not to look himself in the face because he is not proud of the reflection.  The man feels the impending doom of the Great Depression and worries how it will further abrupt the big dreams he had for his life.

Berthold Bartosh’s L’Idee: Model Adaptation

31 Jul

This short film snippet is truly impressive.  After viewing it a few times, I began to form an interpretation.  The man at the beginning of the snippet stares out the window, pondering something.  He begins to form an idea, which materializes on the screen, a projection of his fantasy.  This fantasy is revolutionary for this time period.  Nudity was rejected by the elites of society in the 1930s.  The man who concocted the nude woman in his head sent her out into the world he lives in to shock the men.  The businessmen, the religious, and an army of men try to change the woman by forcing her into clothing.  This saddens her and she runs away, removing the clothing.  This represents the fundamental notion that you cannot change an idea once it has manifested itself in one’s mind.  The idea is theirs alone, and while you may attempt to kill it, you cannot.  The combination of the animation and electrical music in this snippet was beautiful and unique.  I also enjoyed the flamboyant changes in light and scenery, the beautiful bright glows that fill the screen from time to time are indicative of the central fantasy.

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30 Jul

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