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MAUS spinoff: RAW

1 Aug

I found MAUS by Art Spiegelman an interesting story.  After doing a little research, I found he edited a comics anthology called RAW.  The anthology was a flagship in the 1980s alternative comics movement.  The comics magazine featured mainly American and European authors, but they also incorporated others from all over the world – Japan, Argentina, and Chile included.  Although the magazine primarily featured comics, it also often featured non-comics illustrations and prose.

Volume 1 of RAW were creatively printed in huge doormat sized black and white pages stapled together and hand packaged unorthodoxly by Spiegelman and his staff with odds and ends, such as trading cards or gum.


“The Arrival” Graphic Novel Video Adaptation

1 Aug

The story of my video adaptation from “The Arrival” by Shaun Tan follows a young father who leaves his family to chase his dreams across the ocean in a land of technological advancement and opportunity. As he meets people along his journey, he becomes more and more aware of his loneliness in this new place.  These new acquaintances relate stories to him of their own journeys through hardship, illustrating the importance of loved ones.  The young man comes to realize that his own dreams had changed since he had been blessed with a family.  He returns home when he recognizes that that is exactly where he yearns to be.