Patri’s White Collar: Image 7

31 Jul

 The man is worn down from the strains and stresses of every day life.  His life is a vicious cycle where the work seems endless and the responsibilities seem to build exponentially.  As he pulls his suit jacket over his arms, he feels not only the jacket, but also the weight of the world on his shoulders.  Each day, as he dresses for work, he feels the constant reminder they represent of another long day to come.  His face stares at the ground despondently and forlorn.  He feels helpless.  He also dresses for work turned away from the full-length mirror hanging in his room.  He chooses not to look himself in the face because he is not proud of the reflection.  The man feels the impending doom of the Great Depression and worries how it will further abrupt the big dreams he had for his life.


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