Berthold Bartosh’s L’Idee: Model Adaptation

31 Jul

This short film snippet is truly impressive.  After viewing it a few times, I began to form an interpretation.  The man at the beginning of the snippet stares out the window, pondering something.  He begins to form an idea, which materializes on the screen, a projection of his fantasy.  This fantasy is revolutionary for this time period.  Nudity was rejected by the elites of society in the 1930s.  The man who concocted the nude woman in his head sent her out into the world he lives in to shock the men.  The businessmen, the religious, and an army of men try to change the woman by forcing her into clothing.  This saddens her and she runs away, removing the clothing.  This represents the fundamental notion that you cannot change an idea once it has manifested itself in one’s mind.  The idea is theirs alone, and while you may attempt to kill it, you cannot.  The combination of the animation and electrical music in this snippet was beautiful and unique.  I also enjoyed the flamboyant changes in light and scenery, the beautiful bright glows that fill the screen from time to time are indicative of the central fantasy.


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